Today’s Short #Poem 302

this wind

draws squiggles on paper,
phonetics to occasion
a harp in the air between us,
hoo-hoos in high C,
shuffles through tower block,
travels along rail tracks,
ten mile valley, concrete, glass,
steel, under bridges
dead leaves clack like castanets.

This wind,
passing strokes of pendulum,
the flight of months to nothing.

Ashley Bovan


Today’s Short #Poem 300

The smell of time
stuck in old cottages
Front rooms musty
like the upholstery
holding the memories of ages
pushing away
the chance to grow

Push up through the soil
out of darkness and comfort
and warmth
to be a green shoot in the open air

The thuck thuck
of your grandfather’s clock

Ashley Bovan

Today’s Short #Poem 295

Chug, chug, a canal boat putt,
putts towards me, holiday time
smiley waves and in the branches
lots of birds fight and sing and try
to eat, fluffy, scraggy, bit stupid,
fast, so fast, zip here, zip there,
over logs and banks, through
fences, ancient fences, fences that
tell stories of old wars, old books,
stacked beside the fireplace, faded
covers, a home for grit, granules
of disease, getting tired now, in
armchair, glass of wine, fire
toasting feet and some dog I seem
to have kidnapped earlier today
when I was out walking

Ashley Bovan